Top Chiropractors in Oakland 2015
Congratulations to Zensport Wellness Chiropractic Studio on being the on top Chiropractor in Oakland ranking of 2015.
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Testimonials of Current Patients

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care possible for our patients. There are no gimmicks or short cuts in our office, only hands-on professional chiropractic care and our patients can attest to that. 

“Dr. Naweed is by FAR the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve tried a few.  I had been seeing another chiropractor for months to try to correct chronic pain I had in my legs and feet – it had become painful to even walk – and Dr. Jaweed was able to alleviate my most acute problems in literally one session.  It blew my mind!  I’ve been working with him almost every week since then, and he’s been able to help me correct problems and pain that I had just assumed I would have to live with. I think Dr. Naweed’s incredible knowledge of musculature and body mechanics give him a huge advantage over most chiropractors.  He does a lot more muscle work which help get to the root of the problems, rather than just cracking your back. Highly, highly recommended.”

-William F. (Motion Picture Sound Editor)

“He’s amazing, and you need to understand that I’m coming to you as a person who always thought chiropractors were faith healers with better educations.  My first visit in early January was prompted by an injury sustained in kickboxing class. I’d also suffered from sciatica for at least 10 years. The sciatica was completely gone after the 2nd visit, and the injury is steadily improving thanks to his patience and persistence. This guy knows his stuff, and he’s funny too. He made me give up my beloved high heeled shoes, and i’m not even mad at him!  What more can I say??”

-Valerie B. (Production Manager)

“I went to Dr. Naweed for knee pain. Unlike the array of doctors I’ve seen over the years, he correctly diagnosed the condition. We’ve worked from the feet to the knees, to the neck and I’ve made a lot of progress. More than with anyone else. His process is unique and incredibly effective. My highest recommendation.”

-Steven A. (CEO Marketing Agency)

“I can to Dr. Jaweed after having 2 surgeries- pectoral tendon repair and capsolabral reconstruction.. Prior to having seen Dr. Jaweed, I had thought I had permanently lost strength and range of motion in both shoulders.  In fact, I had been to 2 physical therapists, and they told me that things had settled incorrectly. They then told me that there was nothing more they could do for me. On my second visit to See Dr. Jaweed, he was able to maneuver my shoulder into the correct position and provided relief that I had not had since before my injury, which had been about 6 months out. With his help, I have made significant progress, and I feel like I will be able to get back to many of my old hobbies, which I had almost given up on… I highly recommend Dr. Jaweed, and I appreciate his insights and explanations, which helped me better understand my body.”

-Asif K. (Teacher)

“I can’t recommend Dr. Naweed highly enough. He is very committed to his work and brings a wonderful, youthful energy and enthusiasm to his practice. I can’t say he has cured me, because I have a number of chronic health conditions that contribute to my pain. Nevertheless, he keeps me at my best and is very flexible about trying a variety of techniques to see what is most effective. He is warm and communicative and always a pleasure to see.”

-Susan S. (Literary Editor)