Top Chiropractors in Oakland 2015
Congratulations to Zensport Wellness Chiropractic Studio on being the on top Chiropractor in Oakland ranking of 2015.
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Zensport Wellness is the brain child of Dr. Jaweed A. Naweed, whose vision is to provide a comprehensive form of Chiropractic care that addresses and vitalizes the human body’s innate ability to heal itself. By addressing multiple systems, Dr. Naweed is able to enhance the communication (via the Nervous System) between the brain and the body.

The human body requires a balance of movement, nutrition, and mental stimulation. Take away any one and you will have some form of disease that can manifest in many ways.

Lack of motion creates dysfunction.

I often use the analogy of the popsicle stick and the pinky finger. If you take a popsicle stick and tape your pinky finger to it, what do you think will happen in one month? (Please don’t try this at home) The joints in between each bone in your pinky will degenerate and eventually freeze. Lack of motion in any joint will create or accelerate degeneration. Your joints are avascular and therefore require motion in order to receive nutrients. This is what happens in old age. Degeneration caused by years of wear and tear is accelerated by lack of motion. Rarely have I found a centenarion that has retired (light bulb in your head should be going on by now).